Social media can be a great way to keep in touch with friends, or it can have unintended consequences, as recent headlines indicate.  Sometimes, sharing too much information can cause strife between neighbors.  As with cell phones, a new framework of interaction is evolving.

Just call me “Facebook Mom.”  I’m an early adapter and therefore have already made some classic mistakes such as posting dorky comments on the pages of people who belong to one of those cool “Gen” (X,Y or Z) age groups.

There are worse pitfalls, however.  Think about the energy we moms put into making sure our kids don’t miss the sign up for Cotillion or other important 3D social events.  What happens when one group of kids has a party and everybody can’t be invited?  Should you post about how much fun it was?

In real life, these things will always happen, and word gets around.  Hurt feelings are no new phenomenon.   But with Facebook, word travels quicker and faster than ever before.  One thing to keep in mind as social media continues to mushroom is that good manners will never go out of  style, and common sense still applies.