In an effort to reach out more to its Facebook followers, Tin Star, located at the Preston Center Plaza and in NorthPark Center, recently held a vote to name one of its limited time tacos. The chosen fan favorite: Brisky Business. “We put a request out there for our fans to give us some suggestions, and they gave us about 20 different suggestions, and we picked five, and then let everybody vote on them,” says president and owner, Mike Rangel.

Fans had the opportunity to click on the Facebook like button for whichever taco name they preferred the most. The voting lasted eight hours and Brisky Business won with 37 votes.

The other new taco, The Commander, was named by some of the company’s employees.“The Commander is our spicy cheeseburger taco,” says Rangel “they call one of our cooks ‘the commander’ and he’s the one that came up with it, so it’s kind of his namesake.”

This is the second time the restaurant has held a taco-naming vote on Facebook. The first vote took place in October, when fans incredibly clicked the like button 71 times for The Hot Mess taco. “About two months ago they helped us name a brisket taco, and they named it The Hot Mess because it had a little bit of spice to it and it’s kind of messy,” says Rangel.

The restaurant will continue its name-choosing gimmick on Facebook in March when it will hold a salad vote that will be placed on the menu for April-June. “What we’re doing right now is having all of our managers and cooks come up with different salad recipes and then we’re going to put about five different recipes on our Facebook and Twitter, and then let our fans vote for which one they like the best,” says Rangel.

If you’re venturing outside of the neighborhood, Tin Star will also be opening to two new locations. The first is scheduled to open in two weeks in Uptown, and the other will open in March at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco.