Fans of the Inwood Village, will be happy to hear that Rise No. 1 developed its own book entitled: “Rise to the Occasion, a French Food Experience.” The book was written by founder and co owner Hedda Dowd, executive chef and co owner Cherif Brahmi and Celine Chick. The bistro recently held a lunch party for the book in January, and all three of the authors as well as the photographer, Courtney Perry attended the event. “I’ve always wanted to do a book, and it was really the next step after Rise for us to share our European backgrounds and thoughts about being green and why we do what we do,” says Hedda Dowd. The book is considered a lifestyle book—rather than a cookbook and contains 40 recipes from the restaurant and both co owners’ families. The book can be purchased on the restaurant’s website, in the bistro or at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.