Preston Hollow neighbors Cindy Yared and Amy Steurer recently opened Mom Corps Dallas, a home business that helps moms and dads looking to reenter the corporate world. Steurer, a stay-at-home mom for 18 years, decided to return to work when her oldest daughter entered high school. Yared, a working mom and former CBS Radio and Clear Channel Communications employee, wanted to challenge herself in a different domain. When Steurer proposed the idea of going into business together, Yared says she loved the idea because it spoke to her as an advocate for working moms. “We are fast and furiously getting the word out and accepting résumés from everybody,” Yared says. “We are not a traditional staffing firm. We don’t place clerical or receptionist positions; 85 percent of our database has a four-year degree, and almost 50 percent have a master’s or postgraduate degree.” Yared says the business, despite its name, is for men as well as women — 20 percent of incoming résumés have been from men, she says. Mom Corps has 14 franchises across the United States, and two Texas locations: Dallas and Austin.

Another recent book featuring Rise No. 1 emerged from collaboration between restaurant founder and co-owner Hedda Dowd, executive chef and co-owner Cherif Brahmi, and food writer Celine Chick. The bistro recently held a launch party for the book, titled “Rise to the Occasion: A French Food Experience”. “I’ve always wanted to do a book,” Dowd says, “and it was really the next step after Rise for us to share our European backgrounds and thoughts about being green and why we do what we do.” She refers to the book as a “lifestyle book” rather than a cookbook, though it contains 40 recipes from the restaurant and both co-owners’ families. “Rise to the Occasion” can be purchased on the restaurant’s website, in the bistro, or at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. 214.366.9900,, 5360 W. Lovers.

Picasso’s Pizza on Inwood is now offering online ordering. Laurie Stovall, director of marketing and catering sales, says the restaurant initially tried delivery via online ordering with its Frankford-Tollway location late last year and discovered it was a major success. “Month after month, the business has increased,” Stovall says, adding that after the Frankford-Tollway success, Picasso’s launched online ordering with its Inwood location. “A lot of times, people are content with just perusing the menu and ordering at their leisure instead of talking to someone on the phone,” Stovall says. Customers can view the entire menu online, and Picasso’s does not add a delivery charge for any order. 972.503.3300,, 12300 Inwood.

Crème de la Cookie desserts are now available at Molto Formaggio on Preston and Mockingbird. Owner Toni Rivard says the bakery, which has a new location at Preston and Royal, recently began selling some of its most notable pastries and treats as well as several specialty desserts at the cheese shop. The bakery also launches its private dessert tasting classes this month. The classes, which can accommodate up to 10 adults, will teach participants how to plan a dessert menu to accompany a meal or get-together. Participants will be able to sample and pair many of the bakery’s chocolates with beverages such as coffee, tea and wine. 214.363.4766,, 6025 Royal.

Adrift Float Spa recently opened off Preston and Northwest Highway. The concept is for customers to float in a private cabin filled with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, diluted in 10 inches of water at 93.5 degrees — the average temperature of skin. The salt in the water helps the customer float while keeping skin from pruning. Customers have the option of floating in silence or with color and music therapy. The business touts the hour-long session for its mental, physical and performance benefits such as: more restful sleep; a stronger immune system; and reduced stress, anxiety and depression. Sessions start at $89 for a single float or $139 for a couples float. 214.363.5628,, 8315 Preston.