Not as pretty as a Picasso painting.

Earlier this week, the whole operation switched web hosts to accommodate higher traffic volume and improve website performance. While nobody is saying progress should be easy, we’ve experienced more problems than expected.

The worst is that some of your comments have disappeared, derailing online conversations on certain blog posts and July stories. Only a few minutes’ worth of content disturbance was expected. Instead we experienced almost 24 hours’ worth.

Besides comments disappearing, other problems you might have noticed this week include email issues (if you tried to email one of us here and didn’t get a reply, please try again!), the website going offline, and certain web pages jumbling themselves into bizarre Picasso-like arrangements.

We’re really sorry for these inconveniences. But we’re even more sorry about losing any of your comments, and not only because you took the time to share your thoughts. Engaging with you online is one the highlights of our workday.

We hope that this particular issue won’t be happening again, and we’re currently working with the hosting company to straighten out our other remaining problems.

Thank you for your patience! Please feel free to email me with any questions.