crawfishMaybe the crawfish weren’t exactly the way I remember getting them from Robert at Bayou Seafood in Thibodaux, La. And maybe they could have used a little more salt and a little less of the house boil. But none of that is a reason to complain about the boiled crawfish special that Pappadeaux’s is running on Monday and Tuesday nights at its Dallas locations – 1 1/4 pounds for $7.95.

The crawfish weren’t too small, which is a always a problem with restaurant crawfish, and the pound and a quarter is mostly crawfish. The potatoes and corn fill the order out, and don’t take the place of the crawfish. The corn was especially well done, sweet and spicy, and the leftover potatoes will make terrific potato salad. My only problem with crawfish? Despite almost 30 years of eating them, I still do a lousy job of peeling them.