marathon-DWRM-fair-park-start• We’re one step closer to voting on a constitutional amendment to allow casino gambling  in Texas. GOP state Senator John Carona, who represents four of the five neighborhoods where we do magazines (all but Oak Cliff), said yesterday that  “[W]ith a little push at the appropriate time from the various leaders we have throughout the Legislature, this bill can in fact become law.” This is, of course, shocking news, given the state’s long-time distaste for casinos. But if Dallas can vote to go wet, anything is possible.

• Those of us who think Dallas city government is inept on its good days and barely functional the rest of the time were reminded of that yesterday when the city’s on-line library system went down because someone forgot to renew the domain name. This would be funny in a government is stupid sort of way, except that this is the second time something like that has happened. How difficult is it to renew a domain name? Not much, unless you’re the city of Dallas. Hat tip to Robert Wilonsky at The Morning News who stayed with this story much of the day – literally.

• Jim Schutze, who is never afraid to say what he means, is no fan of Fair Park – so much so, in fact, that he has written just that for the second time in less than a year. “Most of the year the big excitement you’ll see there is the occasional security guard chasing the occasional skateboarder between abandoned museums and dormant fountains. I’ve always thought it would make a great set for a movie about time-traveling clown vampires.” The irony is that Schutze, for all of his protestations, isn’t far off the mark. Those of us who love Fair Park have decried for years the way the city ignores it.