882349_500402383328407_539732406_oInrix, a Seattle-based traffic consultancy, annually ranks the most congested highways in the country. Not surprisingly, LBJ from Valley View west to Kingsley made the 2012 list – the 62nd most congested stretch of highway in the U.S., up from 100 last year. Inrix says it takes 33 minutes to cover the 16.7 miles during afternoon rush hour.

What is surprising is that that’s not the biggest mess in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I-35W in downtown Fort Worth (35th) and I-820 near Grapevine (54th) are worse; it takes 26 minutes to go 9.5 miles during afternoon rush hour on I-35W.

The other thing that’s surprising? We’re far from the most congested. A stretch of I-35 in Austin is at 28 and US 59 in Houston, southwest of downtown, is at 45. The worst road in the U.S.? In New York, of course, on the Cross Bronx Expressway, where it takes 54 minutes to go 11 miles.