Number one

Number one

The Dallas Police Department tops the rest when it comes to social-media use.

Dallas Police Department is number one on a list of the top 50 social media friendly police departments in the U.S., according to a list compiled by, a free resource for graduate public health, public administration, public policy and health administration programs studies.

You are not one of those people who think Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are big timewasters, are you? Well, sure, they can be. But they can also be used for good.

Police use social media to publicize breaking news manhunts, identify offenders caught on camera, raise awareness about the latest scams and, in rare cases accept a fugitive’s surrender.

In 2012 we wrote about our police department’s use of social media as a crime fighting and public relations tool, and since then it has become more effective.

The MPH list is based on a department’s readiness to disseminate information in the event of a major event. For example, Boston PD, number two behind Dallas, was prepared to effectively use social media when the Patriots Day bombings occurred.

“Shortly after the bombing, the Boston Police Department made a long post on their official Facebook account outlining the situation and giving instructions to residents and visitors, including phone numbers to call for assistance or to provide tips. The department has continued to make regular updates on both Facebook and Twitter since, keeping the public informed and asking for information about the suspect’s whereabouts during the manhunt.

The Department was able to act quickly to disseminate details of the crime to the public because using social media in this manner was already second nature. Their Twitter and Facebook accounts were already established and well-used prior to the attack.”

A recent example of police seeking public assistance via social media

A recent example of police seeking public assistance via social media

Most recently, Dallas used social media to announce road closings related to the visit of five U.S. Presidents to Southern Methodist University.

Dallas police youtube

Dallas police northeast Facebook

Dallas police Facebook

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