This Monday and Tuesday are the last opportunities to vote early before the municipal and ISD elections next Tuesday, May 11. Here’s a Google map of early voting locations (take your pick, if you’re a registered voter) and an easy way to view your sample ballot before you go.

All Dallas voters will have the chance to vote “yes” or “no” on whether to sell two parcels of the city’s parkland. The Dallas Morning News has information and opinions on these propositions in this editorial.

Many city council districts have contested races because of redrawn council district boundaries and incumbents who are either leaving or termed out. Our neighborhood’s District 11, which Councilwoman Linda Koop has overseen for eight years, is one of those. After four consecutive terms, she cannot run this election, and two candidates, Lee Kleinman and Ori Raphael, are seeking her spot. Their thoughts on a number of topics can be read in editor Monica Nagy’s coverage of one of the District 11 candidate forums.

Our neighborhood’s other council district, District 13, is represented by Ann Margolin, who announced she wouldn’t run again. Leland Burk, Jennifer Staubach Gates, Jacob King and Richard P. Sheridan are running for her spot. Three of the four were present at the District 13 candidate forum Nagy also covered.

Last week, the Friends of the Northaven Trail surveyed all four candidates about their willingness to complete the trail, which should eventually run from one district to the other.

The three DISD districts up for election this year — four, five and seven — are all in the southern part of Dallas.

The nonpartisan Dallas League of Women Voters asked several questions of each council candidate in its voter guide; topics include a city manager change-up, gas drilling, tree preservation and the proposed Trinity Parkway. Read candidates’ answers here.