01.PH914smDrive down Meadow Road between Preston and Hillcrest at just the right time, and you’ll see a rather peculiar pet out for her afternoon stroll. That would be Petunia, the pig — and the cover girl for our September 2014 pet issue, due out later this week.

We caught up with the 4-year-old Vietnamese potbelly and her owner, Weezie Margolis, in July and joined them for a routine walk in the neighborhood, not without her pink harness and leash, of course. The scene is typical: cars slow down, jaws drop, and some people even pull over and get out for a closer look at the novelty.

Despite all the fanfare, Petunia doesn’t do much. She takes her time and grazes on the grass runners in neighbors’ lawns. Yet, the creature continues to captivate.

When she’s not out walking, the farm animal-turned-adorable pet is snoozing the day away in the air-conditioned great room of Margolis’s Preston Hollow home.