Photo via facebook.com/frostagelatoshoppe

Frostbites: Photo via facebook.com/frostagelatoshoppe

Frostbites: Photo via facebook.com/frostagelatoshoppe

Another restaurant new to the Dallas dining scene is setting up shop in our neighborhood’s Preston Hollow Village.

Frost Gelato will open is first Texas location in the shopping center by late August or early September. The Italian ice cream chain began 10 years ago in Tucson, Ariz., and has grown internationally. The gelato varieties are seemingly endless and enticing, each case garnished with the flavor source such as pineapple wedges, lemon slices, dark chocolate chunks or edible flowers.

Unlike regular ice cream, gelato has no raw eggs or butter and less than 1 percent cream. “In a nutshell, gelato is half the calories and 80 percent less fat,” says Jacqueline Landry, the owner of the Dallas store.

All of the raw ingredients are imported from Italy, everything is made from scratch daily, and each store’s chefs are trained by master gelato chef, Nazario Melchionda. He has been making gelato for more than 30 years, beginning in his native city, Bologna.

The varieties include everything from cinnamon apple pie to marble black cherry to Guinness, and the flavors are intense, Landry says. The dark chocolate gelato actually tastes like a you’re eating a 70-percent cacao bar.

“It tastes like you’re really eating that flavor. Even if you put this up against the fattiest ice cream on the market, this tastes better. And it’s better for you.”

Frost also serves sorbet, cakes and coffee drinks. The popular “affogato” is a scoop of gelato with espresso poured on top. Similar to a cake pop, “frostbites” are scoops of gelato dipped in chocolate and available in orders of eight or 12.