Baugh Farms

People congregate at Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church for more than worship services. Every Saturday, the parish hosts a farmers market from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Through August 29, people in our neighborhood can stock up on fresh produce, homemade candy and mozzarella cheese.

“It’s a community event,” Nancy Wilbur, a volunteer at the farmers market, says. “People bring their children and dogs. One week it was like a bulldog party – everyone seemed to have a bulldog.”

Here are ten things your bulldog might sniff out. Vendors change weekly, so be sure to check Saint Michael’s website for an updated list.

1. Live music – The church band plays tunes all morning long.

2. A free workoutCrossFit Odyssey conducts an hour long class on site, so you don’t feel guilty about all the goodies you sample later.

3. Fresh produce – Many vendors accept credit cards, but Baugh Farms is more traditional. “I take cash, checks and IOUs,” says Charley Baugh, who mans the booth for his parents. “That means you can pay me next time.”

4. MacaronsChelles offers them in a variety of flavors including salted caramel, passion fruit and black sesame.

5. A donation station – The church makes no money off the farmer’s market, but they do use the event to help out local charities. Visitors can donate new and gently used items to The Shoe Bank, Rainbow Days, Austin Street Center and Brother Bill’s Helping Hand at the entrance.

6. Fresh seafood – Dana Rhoten, a retired schoolteacher, drives to the gulf coast every week to visit family and pick up fresh fish. Shrimp Hoss is the name of the booth where he sells his haul.

7. Gourmet jam – According to its slogan, Jammit! Jam isn’t jelly – “It’s Jammit! Dammit!” The company’s flavors are similarly feisty. Choose from apple cinnamon bourbon, peach thyme prosecco, raspberry ginger stout and others.

8. Icy treatsSteel City Pops has carts all over town, but you’ll be particularly happy to see one at Saint Michael’s Farmers Market. Grab a coconut, blood orange or avocado ice pop to ward off the heat.

9. Specialty pepper saltBehrnes’ recommends you use their cayenne, green jalapeno, and chipotle seasonings to spice up scrambled eggs.

10. A new recipe – Each week, organizers of the farmers market create a recipe you can make with the available goods.