Roger Man

We have been curious about The Mercury’s sushi lounge since it opened in May. Last night, we finally peeked inside. Here are five things we discovered at the grand opening event.

1. The lounge is actually more of a secret restaurant. Set apart from The Mercury’s main dining area, it offers an entirely different menu. Choose from a variety of traditional rolls and sashimi.

2. The space, which was previously referred to as The Side Bar, has been completely transformed. It is now minimalistic and zen. If the tables were swept away, it would be an environment conducive to meditation.

3. The lounge carries several kinds of sake. Last night, Toni Ettore, AKA the Sake Girl, educated guests about the different varieties. She was such a hit the restaurant may invite her back more regularly.

4. You can watch as your food is prepared. Against the back wall there is an open counter where the chefs create the rolls. Chef Roger Man was there last night, joyfully posing for pictures.

5. Sushi at The Mercury does not take reservations. Not yet, at least. If the 40-person lounge is full, you can sit in the main restaurant and order off the sushi menu.

For more about Sushi at The Mercury and chefs Chris Ward and Roger Man, read this post from May 4.