One of Dallas CASA's new billboards courtesy of NorthPark Center, via Facebook

One of Dallas CASA’s new billboards courtesy of NorthPark Center, via Facebook

This month, NorthPark Center celebrates its 50th birthday. But rather than receiving gifts, the shopping mall is giving them.

50 Days of Giving, a philanthropic initiative, kicked off Aug. 20, when NorthPark provided Dallas CASA with the funds necessary to erect high-profile billboards all over the city. Kathleen LaValle, Dallas CASA executive director and president, says the signs will help the charity “recruit more community volunteers.”

Another 49 nonprofits will benefit from the mall’s generosity by October 28. Each will receive a gift specially tailored to its needs. Dallas Women’s Foundation, Booker T. Washington and Crow Collection of Asian Art are just a few of the organizations slated to receive donations. For a complete list, click here. NorthPark will post on Facebook about the particulars of each gift as it is made.