Sally Fryer Dietz

Sally Fryer Dietz

Preston Hollow resident Sally Fryer Dietz has some impressive credentials. The pediatric physical therapist founded three clinics in Dallas and Plano that treat children with learning differences and other physical, cognitive and emotional challenges. But that’s not all.

While living in California, she created an innovative cardiac rehabilitation program for children that got the attention of President Ronald Regan. In 1985, he held a reception at the White House in her honor.

Years later, when conjoined twins Ahmed and Mohammed Ibrahim were surgically separated, Dietz developed a successful treatment plan that was discussed on Oprah, Dateline and Discovery Health.

She can now add “author” to her CV. Dietz’s book, “When Kids Fly! Solutions for Children with Sensory Integration Challenges” was just released by Bascom Hill Publishing Group. The text focuses on “what parents need to do if they think something’s ‘not quite right’ with their child’s development.” As a veteran pediatric therapist and mother of a son with sensory and learning differences, the book brims with both facts and personal anecdotes.

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