Forget boughs of holly. This Christmas, deck the halls with original art. On November 18, The Museum of Biblical Art will host its annual 8X8 Art Exhibit and Auction. From 7:00 to 10 p.m., bid on small pieces by more than 100 creatives.

In addition to professional painters and photographers, a number of celebrities from the television, film and music industries have contributed works — Carol Burnett, Lily Tomlin, Dan Aykroyd and Jane Seymour are among them.

The 8X8 canvases are valued between $400 and $5,000 but opening bids start at only $100. Proceeds benefit the museum’s educational programs.

Why are the canvases so tiny?

“The number 8 is a symbol for the Hebrew word for life, which is Chai,” explains Jeff Levine, who conceived of the event back in 2010. “So, 8 x 8 is a double portion of life or a doubly-blessed life.”

To attend, purchase a $25 ticket here. The evening’s theme is “Texas-Casual,” so plan on enjoying barbeque, wine and a country swing band. Click here for details.