Maybe you know your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookie recipe, but do you know her most memorable childhood adventure? Preston Hollow resident Paul Shike just published his first book, “Tell Me So I Know,” and it’s filled with the kinds of questions we never think to ask. The goal is to help people “learn about the life, memories and experiences of someone special.”

Shike conceived of the book when his father passed away unexpectedly and he realized there was so much more he wanted to know about his life. He had also seen his grandmother and aunt battle Alzheimer’s.

“Many Alzheimer’s patients feel abandoned as people stop asking questions and engaging with them,” Shike explains. “‘Tell Me So I Know’ is a great way to engage and have them share their stories and memories.”

Pick up a copy of “Tell Me So I Know” around town at SampleHouse & Candle Shop, Logo’s bookstore or Learning Express. You can also buy the book by clicking here. Shike is offering  a special 10% discount for Advocate readers with the code YDWHYUF5.