Incidents of violent crime are on the rise in every category except murder in Dallas, according to statistics the Dallas Police Department released today.

The city is coming off a multi-year trend of record lows in overall crime. Fewer than 10,000 incidents of violent crime have been reported every year since 2001. There were fewer than 8,000 violent crimes per year from 2001-2009.

But with 896 violent crimes reported in January 2016, Dallas now is on trend to reach 10,000 incidents of violent crime this year.


Dallas Police Chief David Brown told the City Council’s public safety committee that the sexual assault number could be rising because of awareness. That is, there are more outcries of sexual assault than in the past, and the crime is more likely to be reported. Also, rapes are not always reported at the time they are committed. For example, six rapes that occurred in 2009 and 2014 were reported this past month.

Brown told the committee that aggravated robbery and burglary is up in many cities because the market for stolen electronics “is off the charts.” He pointed to last year’s muggings on the Katy Trail, in which the victims were robbed of cellphones and iPods.

“Technology theft from cars and homes is increasing everywhere,” Brown said.

The department is working on new initiatives to combat violent crime, including one in which property owners can give the police permission in advance to question or arrest people illegally loitering on their property. The department believes this could help them nab potential criminals from high-crime areas.

The chief says that more police officers are needed to improve call response times.

The department also released its 2015 statistics on racial profiling:


The police received only 10 complaints of racial profiling last year: