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Six years ago, Marcel Brunel and his family decided to make the move to Farmers Branch to take advantage of the all the city has to offer, including their Demo/Rebuild Program. The Brunel family redeveloped an existing home in an already established neighborhood and in turn have experienced the many incentives that are part of this new program, including a seven (7) year tax rebate from the city.

We caught up with Marcel to find out about the best kept secrets in Farmers Branch and why Preston Hollow neighbors might want to take a closer look.

Why did you choose to build in Farmers Branch?
We were living in Castle Hills but our life was happening in Farmer’s Branch. We valued the community, the services, the schools and the life there.

Do you feel connected to the Farmers Branch community?
Yes! We live near the historical park and the city does a brilliant job of letting you know what is coming to town, what is going on at the park, what is happening in the community.

What are the advantages to the demo rebuild?
When you build in Farmers Branch, there are big trees, an existing infrastructure, an established community and an existing history.

Would you recommend the program to friends?
Yes, absolutely. The neatest thing is that you can literally step into a city that is already established. They have been building and planning all the good things about a city and you get to take advantage of it.

How does it feel to live in a smaller community in the middle of DFW?
The word that comes to mind is “safe.” We are able to do more things with our families when the sun is up and the sun is down.

What is your favorite way to spend the weekend in Farmers Branch?
On a Saturday morning, we all go to the Rec Center. It’s the local hub. We go for the people there. We also love to start Saturdays with donuts, of course!

For more information on Farmers Branch and the Demo Rebuild Program visit www.lovethebranch.com