Photo of Laura Wilson by Can Türkyilmaz

Photo of Laura Wilson by Can Türkyilmaz

Since “Zoolander 2” is in theaters, we thought it would be fun to revisit this 2012 story about our neighbor Laura Wilson. After all, she birthed Hansel. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

Laura Wilson lives on one of the few Strait Lane properties not barred by iron gates and towering bushes that conceal the unreachable mansions of the Preston Hollow elite. By comparison, her pale yellow, one-story, ranch-style home is modest, inviting and filled with light.

It’s where she raised her sons Andrew, Luke and Owen, her most inspiring subjects.

“They were so much fun to photograph,” Wilson says with a smile, staring off to the side as if recreating the moments in her mind. “In a sense, it was a way to capture their childhood, a childhood so fleeting.”

No wonder the boys chose careers in front of the camera.

Wilson, an award-winning photographer, has documented the well known and unknown — from the famous movie stars who crop up again and again in Wes Anderson films to the hidden Hutterite colonies in the plains of Montana. Whether they have been photographed thousands of times or not at all, Wilson manages to capture a side of her subjects the public rarely sees.

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