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If you’re looking for a quick cup of joe, Nespresso at NorthPark Center isn’t the place to find it. Guests are encouraged to luxuriate at the coffee bar, where baristas meticulously prepare beverages. The shop is so devoted to the art of slowing down, it doesn’t even stock to-go cups. There’s no wi-fi either. According to its brochure, Nespresso believes that sipping coffee should offer one “an unparalleled moment of self-indulgence.”

We stopped by this morning for a Latte Macchiato. As the barista poured the espresso into the milk, she encouraged us to watch it “bloom.” Here’s a video we took of the process:


NorthPark Center is the only place you can find Nespresso in Texas. Most of the machines used to create the drinks are available for purchase in another area of the store, toward the back. To learn more about the company’s unique philosophy, click here.