At the end of last week, Mayor Mike Rawlings unveiled a gorgeous new model for the future Trinity River Park, complete with meticulous watercolors and tiny jugglers. This is the park voters first approved in 1998 that incorporates the Trinity River Parkway (which opponents affectionately have termed the Trinity toll road) that voters re-approved in 2007.

That wasn’t the end of it, however. Since then, several Dallas media have changed their tunes from pro-parkway to anti-toll road, and council members have come and gone so that the pro-parkway and anti-toll road camps are more evenly matched.

Last spring the council listened to esteemed urban planner Larry Beasley give his recommendation for a “meandering” road within the levees, and now Rawlings is touting this new model of a park shrouding a contentious road.

It’s growing difficult for those who are interested to keep up, let alone average citizens who are more concerned about potholes on adjacent streets than an impalpable park downtown. We’re hoping to make it easier on you with this sampling of tweeted reactions to the “newest new design” of Trinity River Park (a description from longtime toll road opponent, former city councilwoman and current Advocate columnist Angela Hunt, who tweeted profusely and hilariously about the unveiling). It’s part of a new experiment we’re trying in social media curation; if there are topics or events you’d like us to cover using this format, please reach out.