June is the perfect month for lounging by the pool, which is what sparked this month’s cover story in our Lakewood Advocate on this history of city pools in our neighborhood, and the future of aquatic centers.

That quest brought us to the Dallas Municipal Archives, the epicenter of Dallas historical documents. City Archivist John Slate became our BFF for this project, as he and his team helped us navigate the murky waters of bureaucratic records (pun intended). In that process, he uncovered these too-cool vintage photos of Dallasites’ enjoying some of the city’s many pools (of which there were dozens in the heyday).

The problem was that many of the pools were not identified.

This is where you come in. Longtime Dallistes, check out these classic swimming shots and see if you can recognize the pool — ask your parents and grandparents who might have swum there in the past. Most were taken in the 1950s and ‘60s. Shout out the pools you can pinpoint in the comment section, with a description of the photo. To be clear, these are not necessarily Preston Hollow pools, but pools all across the city. We’ll report back to Slate in the hopes of helping him narrow down these locations, many of which are now long gone.