How did it all happen? Well, it all comes down to the love of Who, “Doctor Who,” of course.

Lamplighter School drama teacher Jeff Peck started the “Who Is Doctor Who,” a fan club where kids can discuss one of the longest-running shows on television. Tasked with watching an episode or two every week, each student wrote up a description, which became a robust episode guide for the show that today includes 217 pages (and growing).

The club has had a high-profile year after they were invited to speak on a panel at “WhoFest 3,” Dallas’ annual “Doctor Who” convention in April, where they presented their guide. Peck says he was most excited, “Witnessing the 19 Lamplighter students fearlessly addressing the crowd on the main stage.”

That put them on the radar of the London-based Doctor Who Appreciation Society, who decided to put the Dallas students on the cover of their monthly publication, Celestial Toyroom. They published the students’ more than 5,000-word episode guide for “Who” fans across the globe to enjoy.

“It’s incredible that something we started two and a half years ago has blossomed worldwide,” Peck says. “Fans all around the world are reading what our Lamplighter students have written about the show. I don’t think even the kids realize how big they have become.”

The magazine expedited copies of the magazine to the school in May so the students and parents could enjoy their cover story glory all together. Though the club is only in its second year, it’s already giving back by raising funds for Habitat for Humanity this school year.