What’s so Canadian about Canadian food? Debra Delaurier, co-owner and chef at the Maple Leaf Diner, says, “I don’t understand what people think Canadian food is? It’s all North American. We have burgers and chicken, we just do them our way.”

It may be their “flag ship chicken sandwich” with three mozzarella sticks towering over the bun, their blueberry scones oozing with a cream cheese filling, or even their fries drenched in gravy and cheese.

Her nephew and co-owner, Mike Delaurier, moved here nine years ago from Windsor, Ontario. Debra followed, but it took her seven years to go through immigration. She notes, “It takes a long time when you do it the right way.”

The Delauriers, who were one of the first families to settle in Canada way back when, are restaurant people. Debra and her five siblings grew up in the business at a family-run pizza joint. Debra was sent to culinary school and later made it big when she was featured on Food Network Canada’s “You Gotta Eat Here!” and Cooking Channel’s “Donut Showdown.”

She brought all of those Canadian favorites to Preston Road. “We make everything from scratch,” Debra said. “All of the pita bread, our burger buns are all made in house. Our pancakes are a homemade recipe we’ve had for life.”

When it comes to Canadian staples like pierogies, cabbage rolls and poutine, the two owners say that the food has been very well received. They’ve only added a few  “Southern staples” to the menu, like chicken fried chicken, since opening last September.

The cozy atmosphere has proved welcoming for the neighborhood, especially for 750 Canadians living in the metroplex, who have sought out the restaurant for an authentic taste of home.

Maple Leaf Diner

12817 Preston Road #129



Ambiance: Restaurant and bakery

Price Range: $7-$12

Hours: 7 a.m.-9 p.m. everyday

Did you know: 

One of the Maple Leaf Diner’s opening-day customers was the Canadian Consulate-General in Dallas.