This story was updated with new information and videos.

Fourteen officers were shot, five fatally, after a peaceful protest turned violent on Thursday night in downtown Dallas, according to Police Chief David Brown. Two civilians were also injured in what CNN called the largest loss of police lives since September 11.

A sniper, shooting from an elevated location, targeted officers who were on patrol around 8:50 p.m. at the Black Lives Matter rally that took place in Belo Garden Park July 7. Some of the victims served with Dallas Police, while others were DART officers. While police originally stated there were two shooters, on Friday they announced the lone gunman was Micah Johnson, 25, a war veteran who made extensive plans to target white police officers, which were spelled out in journals and social media posts found in his possession. Johnson was killed after a 45-minute gun battle with police by a bomb deployed by a police robot.

Officers were taken to Baylor Hospital in East Dallas and Parkland Hospital downtown. Those wanting to help financially should click here.

There is no way to tell this story but first person, which we try to avoid (sorry Rick Wamre). Plus, this obviously isn’t our neighborhood, and we do try to keep it hyper local. But I was at the Black Lives Matter rally, because I live one block away in the Davis Building and my apartment overlooks Belo Garden. Police surrounded the event, and attendees listened to speakers and chanted peacefully. Just after I left the area, gunshots rang out — scattering the crowd. Within minutes, seemingly every police car in the city, at least 50, rushed to the area, screaming at everyone to get down or get shot. People ran in every direction. It was chaos. I stayed on scene, shooting Live Video on Facebook until my phone died. As the crowd was move backed, the rally continued. A group of step dancers preformed a lively routine outside the 7-11 on Field Street.

To be honest, words escape me in this moment. My brother is a police officer in Sacramento, Calif. I welcome you to share your thoughts as this tragedy continues to unfold.