Mark Cuban, via Facebook

Mark Cuban, via Facebook

Preston Hollow billionaire and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has made hints about his potential political aspirations before, but this week he got serious on the 2016 presidential race with a Twitter rant that was covered across the country. Although Cuban once supported the fellow reality TV star’s campaign, that went down in live-tweeted flames during Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

Cuban attacked everything from Trump’s rhetoric to his personal finances to his business practices.

He followed up the live-tweeting with a scathing blog post that not only laid out his argument against Trump, it made some interesting points about the current political culture in America and how people interface with the election.

“Regular people don’t spend time a year in advance analyzing political issues. Regular people don’t even know who Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are. Now if one of them started dating Rhianna or Adelle, that would all change. You know how much political substance finds its way into your Facebook feed ? None in my case. How about yours  ? None there either I would bet,” he wrote.

He spent the weekend taking on Trump supporters on Twitter, attacking their arguments while also quietly throwing some support to Democratic rival Hilary Clinton.

Although he’s been critical of Clinton’s campaign, he did offer a few words of wisdom about her need to humanize herself with Trump supporters to sway more voters. Trump, who is famous for launching into sharply worded Twitter battles with those who disagree, seemed to ignore Cuban entirely in this case.